Courage to enjoy new experiences

The new Renault Duster OROCH possesses the strength and  versatility of a pickup with the first double cab and automatic transmission, to inspire you and give you the opportunity to explore.
Duster Oroch - front view
Imposing presence

With an ideal angle of attack, the new Duster OROCH allows to easily overcome vertical obstacles without problems. Aggressive front, following the new visual identity of the brand.   

Duster Oroch - LED rear lights
LED rear lights

Besides being robust and comfortable, the new Renault Duster OROCH has also an inspired design. The design includes more fluid lines along the car and powerful, modern headlights.
Duster Oroch - transport capacity
Capacity and comfort

With a capacity of 650 kg / 683 liters, it allows you to transport everything you want and in the greatest comfort. Choose to protect the cargo with its soft canvas cover and increase its capacity  up to 308 liters, with our accessories.


Innovative and practical design

The interior of the Renault Duster OROCH puts comfort on the priority list. There are 5 passenger seats and 4 independent doors for greater autonomy of the passengers, which makes it ideal for those who are always on the road.
 Duster Oroch vehicle back seats
The vehicle that inaugurates a new category

Independent doors, three-point belt and modern armrest, are just some of the details of the Duster OROCH that mark the beginning of a new category. 


Duster Oroch ergonomic steering wheel
The best of a pickup and the best of a city car

Ergonomic steering wheel, adjustable height seat and navigation system are just some of the details that combine the best of a city car with the best of a SUV.