All-New Renault DUSTER : Powerful Design

Exterior Design

Built for adventure, the all-new Renault Duster is a vehicle of distinctive styling. The tone is set by the aggressive lines and chrome trim of the grille, alongside a raised waistline and powerful C-shaped light signature
Renault DUSTER - offroad design
An off-road design
The new DUSTER has a new front as well as modern and powerful lines. Its style combines strength and off-road thanks to its raised ground clearance, its grille with chrome hubcaps and its downhill control system. Now all roads open to you.
Renault DUSTER - DExterior design - new "C" shaped LED front light
An authentic signature
A simple light detail makes all the difference. The new DUSTER stands out thanks to its new C-shaped LED front light signature. A light signature worked with finesse that makes all the identity of New DUSTER.
Renault DUSTER - robust roof bars
Robust roof bars
At easy on all surfaces, the new DUSTER has roof bars that will satisfy your highest demands for strength. During your getaways with friends, your long-term leisure equipment, such as your surfboard or your skis, are thus kept safe.

Interior Design

A new interior, comfortable, ergonomic and extremely qualitative
Renault DUSTER - folding back seats 1/3 - 2/3
Split-fold function
It takes just a few seconds to adapt the modular interior layout of All-new Renault Duster to your needs or requirements: the rear bench seat features a 1/3 - 2/3 split-fold function. 
Renault DUSTER - Adjustment systems for the driver's seat and an ergonomic driving position
An ergonomic driving position
We redesigned the ergonomics of the New DUSTER dashboard. It makes life easier on board with new driver seat and steering wheel settings.
Renault DUSTER - Interior design - multi-purpose storage
Multiple storrage compartments
The new Duster features an array of storage compartments around the cabin, from the doors to the seat backs via the central console. Your passenger enjoy every comfort.