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enjoy the ride

Everything on board your Kwid has been designed to offer you a personalised, user-friendly everyday experience.     
confortable space Kwid
comfortable space
Inside Renault Kwid, there’s plenty of headroom, legroom and elbowroom for the driver plus up to 4 passengers. There are ingenious storage spaces everywhere.
air conditioning system Kwid
air conditioning system
The powerful air-conditioning with heater makes every drive pleasant.
electric steering Kwid
electric steering
The Renault Kwid with electric steering in all its versions makes your daily life easier and brings more comfort to every maneuver.

travel connected

Add some excitement to your journeys, with access to your entire multimedia universe at your fingertips on board your vehicle.
Media evolution Kwid
8" media screen
The new Renault Kwid is big even in the size of its screen, which increases to 8" and offers replication with Android Auto® and Apple CarPlay®, satellite remote control and the Push to Talk button, which allows you to access various functions from your smartphone by simply using your voice.
parking sensors Kwid
parking sensors
The detectors can detect objects behind the car when parking, bringing more safety and confidence to the driver.
Eco2 driving system Kwid
Eco2 driving system
The Driving Eco2 system is equipped with Eco Scoring and Eco Coaching technologies. Together, these two systems assess your driving style throughout the journey, advising you to optimize fuel consumption and create fewer emissions.

enjoy a relaxed drive

Keep one step ahead with our technologies designed to keep you protected throughout your journey.
4 airbags
Safety is a priority in the Renault Kwid. This is why it is fitted as standard with 4 airbags, 2 front and 2 side, to guarantee your safety and protect you and your passengers.
electronic stability control (ESP) Kwid
electronic stability control (ESP)
The Renault Kwid has electronic stability control (ESP) in all its versions. This technology will help you recover your trajectory more easily, by controlling the braking and traction of each wheel, thus improving the stability of the vehicle.
hill start assist (HSA) Kwid
hill start assist (HSA)
Even the steepest climbs are not an obstacle for the Renault Kwid, since it has the hill start assistant (HSA), which prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards for a few seconds when starting on a slope.
tire pressure warning (TPW) Kwid
tire pressure warning (TPW)
The Renault Kwid is inspired not only by the world of SUVs for its design, but also by technology. With Tire Pressure Alert, the system notifies the driver of a loss of pressure and the need to calibrate the tires. This will prevent premature wear and reduce polluting emissions.
ABS Kwid
New Renault Kwid is well equipped, with front disc brakes with ABS & EBD to ensure a safe drive in all weather conditions and on different road surfaces. ABS prevents wheel lock, vehicle skidding; it reduces the stopping distance & ensures the driver has directional control.