Renault Taliant

exterior design

unique and powerful design


interior design

technological interior

Thanks to its functional features that make driving enjoyable, Renault Taliant meets your needs.
Renault Taliant - interior
automatic air conditioning system
A whole new world awaits you inside Taliant. With its ergonomic design and automatic air conditioning system, you can enjoy your journey in summer and winter.
Renault Taliant steering wheel
adjustable steering wheel
The height and depth adjustable steering wheel and high console have been designed to enhance your driving quality. The high quality of materials has also been thought for your complete comfort.
Renault Taliant multimedia
8" touch screen and Apple CarPlay® connectivity
Navigate through the various functions effortlessly with the 8" touch screen, where every operation becomes a breeze. And with the convenience of wireless Apple CarPlay®, stay seamlessly connected to your digital world while focusing on the joy of driving.
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