Renault Duster OROCH

Robust, agile and dynamic


Renault Duster Oroch - speed regulator
Speed regulator

When the preset speed is reached, the system maintains acceleration and allows the driver to "rest" without placing his foot on the accelerator.
Renault Duster Oroch - Eco Mode
An easy-to-activate function from a button on the vehicle panel, which reduces fuel consumption by up to 10%.
Renault Duster Oroch - multimedia system
Multimedia system
With a 7" touchscreen, GPS, Bluetooth radio, auxiliary input and USB, you have control in your hands. Thanks to the Media Nav 2.0 system, you can enjoy the best entertainment and make your travel easier and more fun.
Renault Duster Oroch - Media Nav
Eco-Coaching and Eco-Scoring
  • The Eco-Scoring function evaluates the driver's behaviour at the end of the race, taking into account the right time to change gear, speed, fuel consumption and covered kilometres. 
  • The Eco-Coaching function helps you to drive more economically.

Renault Duster Oroch - ABS system
ABS system
ABS brake system: a system that prevents the wheels from locking during braking. This ensures a more organic, safe and efficient speed reduction. Duster OROCH also has AFU: the system which provides greater braking precision and power.
Renault Duster Oroch -  safety airbags
Safety Airbags

To further ensure passengers safety, the new Duster OROCH is equipped with driver and passenger airbags. It was designed to be fired only under predetermined conditions, such as frontal collision with an angle less than 60 degrees, and side impact.
Renault Duster Oroch - alarm system
Volumetric alarm

Greater protection for the vehicle, less worries for you.
Renault Duster Oroch - Rear parking sensors
Rear parking sensors
Rear Proximity Sensors for better safety and visualization of obstacles.

Customize your Duster OROCH


Renault Duster Oroch - Truck bed extender
Truck bed extender
Renault Duster Oroch - Roof Rack Luggage Carrier Cross Bars
Roof Rack Luggage Carrier Cross Bars
Renault Duster OROCH
Renault Duster Oroch - Truck bed cover
Truck bed cover
Renault Duster Oroch - Rear window protection grille
Rear window protection grille
Renault Duster OROCH
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