Independence Relationship

Take a chance to discover an incredible feeling of freedom and independence, with the New Renault Duster OROCH 4x4.

Robustness, performance and stability

4X4 Traction

The king of the road
The 4x4 traction system of the new Duster OROCH, gives the user optimal control of the vehicle on any terrain, regardless of soil conditions and weather.

With the 4x4 mode, all the obstacles disappear and there will be no uncrossable border. You will be able to drive on bad roads and to tow in unfavorable situations. With the Duster OROCH you will become fully independent.

Possibilities for all terrains

You can choose the most suitable traction for each terrain: 2WD, Auto (4WD), LOCK(4WD) or Electronic Limited Slip Differential Lock (eLSD).
2WD Mode
The vehicle operates on a 4x2 base, where only the front wheels are towed, without any speed limit.
Auto Mode
Automatic torque distribution between front and rear axles, according to road conditions and vehicle speed.
Permanent torque distribution (50/50) between front axles, in order to maximize the performance on any type of ground.

Maximum control and security

Renault Duster OROCH
Drive safe and relaxed
The new gearbox calibration present on all its 4x4 versions, gives it new advantages such as a silent starting on slopes and a lower engine shut-down risk, as well as a safe descent on slopes and better performance in towing situations.
Renault Duster OROCH
Expand your borders
Duster OROCH is perfectly addapted for off-road conditions, thanks to the braking system and the engine power in the LOCK 4WD mode which increases the performance of the SUV. Every road you have in mind, can now be crossed with the New Duster OROCH.
Ready to take Renault Duster OROCH for a spin ?